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Timber Replacement Doors

Climate change, global warming, greenhouse gasses…..sometimes these tend to be the most overused words in our lives today. Yet despite all the fuss, one thing is pretty clear-it’s raining more than it used to. Maintaining your existing woodwork is not only time consuming, it costs money too, and a rotting roofline can really let your property down. So isn’t it time you considered replacing your roofline with LEAD FREE PVC-U that needs neither painting nor repairing no matter what the weather.
PVC Replacement Doors

Too often we have seen customers having capping boards fitted instead of having old timber removed and completely replaced. This may seem the most cost effective option when presented to you in the short term, however ask yourself; over the long run is it really such a good idea. The rotten wood hasn’t gone anywhere it is still there, deteriorating even more by the year. Eventually the nails will come loose due to rotten and infested wood, leaving your fascia’s exposed and unsecured. Stripping away existing timber and replacing it with PVC-u can not only improve the appearance of your roofline it also forms an effective barrier to stop vermin attacking your roof space.
PVC Replacement Doors

At A&S windows we do a number of roofline, gutter and cladding options we can do installations in both PVC-u and prefinished hardwood, offer a range of ventilated products and options both in terms of profile and colour. We have a range of decorative boards and we also fit a range of dry verge capping, cladding, gutter and insect guards … and our boards are guaranteed for 10 years. Please contact us for a brochure or a free quotation
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